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services offered
Child Mental Health Clinic
Assessment of Intelligence (IQ testing)
Assessment of Learning Disability and Remedial Education (LD testing)
Psychotherapy and Management for ADHD and Conduct Disorder
Special Training for Slow learners
Academic Guidance
Adolescent Mental Health Clinic
Youth Guidance
Psychotherapy for Stress and Anxiety Management
Crisis Management Counselling
Clinic to Solve Interpersonal Problems
Clinic for Sexual Health
Sex Education
Counselling to solve psychological problems associated with sexual health
Sex Therapy
Family Counselling
Pre Marital Counseling
Marital Counselling
Family counselling and therapy
Family Therapy
Counselling to solve interpersonal Conflicts
Mental Health Clinic
Psycho education
Assessing and providing right remedy for Major psychiatric problems
Counselling and Psychotherapy for Depression
Psychotherapy and Counselling for Anxiety Management
Psychotherapy for Phobia (fear)
Counselling and phycotherapy for Neurotic disorders
Besides these we conduct training programs and serve as resource persons on the following topics
Personality DevelopmentM
Risk Behaviors
Behavioral Problems of school going children
Effective & Healthy Family relationships
Childhood Mental Health Problems
Possibilities for psychiatric disorders in school going children
Sex education
Life skills training for school going children
Problems of the children
Problems of adolescence
Why children are backward in studies
Learning Disabilities in children
Effective study skills
Effective parenting
Family problems
Personality Disorders
Teenage Drug Abuse
Visit us if ……
  • Your child is......
  • Aggressive
  • short tempered
  • Depressive or getting easily imbalanced-emotionally
  • Showing deceitful acts (stealing, lying...)
  • Getting less acquainted with friends at- school
  • Showing fear to go school
  • Pathetic in studies
  • Weak in language ability
  • Not able to understand , read , write or- learn languages and mathematics
  • Misplacing , omitting or reversing numbers or alphabets
  • Overactive and inattentive
  • Extremely talkative, naughty and uncontrollable

  • Contact us if you feel……
  • Your family life is miserable
  • You both fight often
  • You have sexual problems which alter your marital life
  • You are anxious or stressed
  • You are disappointed or feeling hopeless
  • You feel like committing suicide
  • You cannot control the use of alcohol/drugs
  • Your dear ones complain you about- the behaviour after using alcohol or drugs.
  • You or your dear ones are mentally disturbed or mentally ill

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    Email :wilsonachan@gmail.com
    Working Time : 9 am to 1.30 pm
    Consultation through appointments
    Call us :9495548035 , 9497303165
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