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We often observe that the Mental Health issues are increasing among the people are increasing day by day. Interestingly, still it is left untreated. Many of them are even not aware of where they have to approach in such conditions. When situations go out of control people go after rites and rituals considering that it is because of ‘shapam’(curse), ‘papam’(sin),’badha’(influence of a witch) etc.Forgetting the first thing you must do that taking and opinion of a Mental Health Professional in such severe situations..

For that we started Manomaya in 2011. Manomaya is founded and run by Rev. Fr. Wilson Mathew (M Phil) a qualified trained and experienced Clinical Psychologist (RCI, CRC No: A15378) who is experienced in helping children, adolescents, couples, families in resolving their psychological problem.

Together with him we have a team of Professionals who assess, plan, and provide right remedy for Child Mental Health and Behavioral Problems, Adolescent Mental Health Problems, Occupational & Family issues, Psychiatric diseases, Addiction etc. We are delighted by the size of our clients and the feedback we get. We hope our services will help you, your family and friends.

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To recognize that that our clients are seeking support and must be respected and supported To enhance our clients to effectively manage their psychological, emotional, behavioral, marital, family, educational and occupational challenges and conflicts through psychotherapeutic and Scientific Approach..



Nurture positive Mental Health for effective living”.

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